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A Digital Marketing Company Focus Specifically in the Hair Salon Industry

Specialist in Digital Marketing Solutions For Hair Salon

The Client Journey

Occipital focuses its core on understanding the client journey from the moment they start searching for a service to the moment they walk out of the salon doors. With experience owning a salon and continuous industry education, we can provide best in class results tailored to your operations. 

A Love for Creativity, A Passion to Succeed

With years of experience, William founded Occipital Salon Marketing to help salons share their creativity with the modern world. Word of mouth was always the way salon professionals would be discovered. In the heart of the convenience era, everyone turns to Google to find what they need. Occipital wants to ensure you’re discovered by showing up online when it counts the most!

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What We Do

A Complete Package for Every Salon Size

Whether your a single suite or multi-location hair salon, we have a package that will help you succeed! We believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between “just enough” or “everything you need”, so we include the best in class options with each package.

When it’s time to grow, we grow with you. Add the tools to help manage your growth, but only when you need to! [phone]

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